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For safer fat-washing, make sure any meat used is fully cooked, refrigerate or freeze all post-fat-washed liquids, always wash pour spouts at the end of a shift and use fat-washed spirits within a few days. In general, treat the fat-washed spirit as you would a slab of meat — not stored at room temperature exposed to air.

Many bars are using liquid nitrogen to chill glassware, to make cryo-muddled herbs and to put on a bit of a show. In , a woman consumed a drink with liquid nitrogen still bubbling away in it, requiring surgery to remove her stomach in order to save her life. From a consumer safety perspective, one must never allow customers to come into contact with or drink liquid nitrogen. But improper training and handling can lead to bartender injuries as well.


Not only can liquid nitrogen cause burns on skin, when it turns into a gas at room temperature it displaces oxygen in the air and can cause asphyxiation. Liquid nitrogen should be stored in areas with good ventilation, and only in vented, pressure-relief or unsealed containers to ensure it does not cause an explosion of its container. Dry ice solid carbon dioxide can similarly displace oxygen, though this has proven more problematic when people have transported dry ice over long distances in their car with the windows up such as when people drive to festivals with food supplies.

The use of non-food-safe containers to hold and store alcohol is less of a poison problem, but something that all bartenders can aspire to improve upon: When batching cocktails, non-food- approved buckets should be avoided in favour of approved ones. Vintage lead glass crystal decanters should not be used to store high-proof alcohol, as the lead may leach out into the alcohol, and glazed ceramics made before , such as vintage tiki mugs, may have lead in the glaze and should be avoided.

Finally, citrus even organic citrus should be washed in cold running water soap is not thought to be helpful before use, even for squeezing juice, but especially for any citrus used for zesting atop drinks. Pesticides and waxes on the surface can be dragged into the interior when cutting them open before squeezing. A recent report in The New York Times made public the new use of antibiotic sprays on citrus to fight insect infestation — a further reason to wash that fruit lest you bring its outsides in.

In the UK, laws require allergen information to be available for food and beverages served at restaurants, but a couple of ingredients are important to call out more specifically on menus. Grapefruit interacts with many common pharmaceuticals at least 85 of them, including common cholesterol medications , and a grapefruit warning is frequently printed on prescription bottles.

Cocktails these days must not only taste delicious, they must be optimised for social media. Unfortunately, some optically exciting tricks carry with them potential for harm. The fear when using it in bars, then, is that it may deactivate necessary medications customers have taken within a couple hours of their visit. Alternatives to turn cocktails black beyond carbon black E include black sesame seeds, blackcurrants and squid or cuttlefish ink.

Bruno Martini: Astrological Article and Chart

People are adding potentially poisonous foliage to all sorts of cocktails. Flower garnishes are no longer relegated to topping tiki drinks, but people are adding potentially poisonous foliage to all sorts of cocktails. Home-grown, organic or foraged flowers should be checked for toxicity too — many common flowers including daffodils and hydrangeas are unsafe for food use. A long list of safe and unsafe flowers can be found on cocktailsafe.

Speaking of foraging, we all know that one cannot simply eat any old mushroom found growing on a log in the forest, yet bartenders are bringing home other plants that may not be safe for consumption either. Certain types of ferns, lookalike plants hemlock resembles fennel and some types of juniper are unsafe. Train with a professional forager before setting out alone. When in doubt, look up your potential ingredient on Cocktailsafe or elsewhere.

Camper English is a cocktail and spirits writer and the founder of cocktailsafe. As sherry increasingly finds itself the subject of modern cocktails — and a part of the revival of some old favourites like Bamboos and Adonises — its. The latest issue of Imbibe is now available to read on imbibe. If you have queries please contact circulation imbibe. Yes, I agree Take me to settings.

Subscribe for free. Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn. What are you looking for? Handle with care: experimentation in mixology. Camper English 21 November Vintage cocktail books seem like recipe goldmines, but many of the ingredients in them have since been proven dangerous In order to counteract the rapid spread of dangerous drinks, the website cocktailsafe. After learning all of these things, I have finally come to a sweet vermouth recipe that I really like quite well.

Now, this has a pretty long list of ingredients, and I have a completely unfair advantage because I own a distillery and therefore have things like wormwood and angelica on hand. But once you procure the herbs, the rest of the process is pretty easy. If it sounds at all fun to you, give it a try!

Originally published on Food Back in July, my younger brother and his girlfriend were in town, visiting from Oslo.

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They were here for my other brother's wedding, but while I had them captive I thought, why not put them to work in a project idea I had had tossing around in my mind for a while? Why not, indeed? I wanted to create a series of photos of very urban-looking bartenders serving fancy cocktails to people out in the beautiful wild spaces we have in Duluth.

To try to capture the spirit of who we are, the idea that world class spirits can be made in far-flung, wilderness-y places. I don't think my brother or his girlfriend had any idea what I was getting at, but they were game to come with us out into the woods. So, we gathered together our canoeing, fishing, hiking, and stand-up paddle board gear, along with fancy glasses, garnishes, shakers, and fake tattoos for Caitlin and me. Neither of us have enough real tattoos to pull off the bartender look, haha.

We picked up Even and Eline and headed out for a hilarious and fun day of bartending in the out of doors. But they learned quickly while we focused on applying our tattoos and trying not to break any delicate coupes or let the garnishes wilt too fast in the heat of the day. We thought we would share the photos with you because we think the best spirits really are made in the wildest places. And because I find them amusing. And yes, I definitely did fall off of a stand up paddle board fully clothed, which is why I'm standing in the water in the second picture.

I did not spill any of the drink! We believe in Happy Hour. Firstly, we like happiness. Secondly, we very much like the ritual of gathering together with a few friends in the early evening to share a nice drink, maybe a little snack, and have a bit of conversation before we hit the dinner hour. So, when our friends at Northern Waters Smokehaus hi guys! Obviously there is no need to have happy hour every day for a week. But it seemed fun to assign each pairing to a particular day, right?

The central flavor in a Negroni is Campari, and I think Campari is delicious with raspberries, so we muddled some raspberries into a lightened up Negroni for an ever so lightly fruity take on this bittersweet classic.

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Even if you don't, just know that if you mash-up those two cocktails and add a pinch of thyme, you'll get this delightful herbal, sweet-tart, bubbly little number. It's a well known fact that champagne makes everything better, including Tuesdays. Pair with: The Smokehaus's scrumptious saucisson sec, their boursin cheese which, by the way, is mind-bogglingly good and some crusty bread. A Martini is in order. A Martini is the perfect pre-dinner drink; it whets the appetite like no other. Cocchi Americano can be hard to track down if you're in Duluth, they do have it at Mt.

Royal Bottle Shoppe , so if you can't find it you could try Lillet Blanc instead. Because you are fancy. So, we paired up a straightforward, but delicious, Cedar Collins with some pork loin. It did the trick. It's so good. Then, add apricot preserves they also have that at the Smokehaus , crackers, and some toasted, spiced nuts. You may not need dinner. And no amount of attempting to convince me will change my mind.

Top 10 Cocktails With Angostura Bitters

However, I accept that many people like them very much. And so, on Friday, perhaps you're already looking forward to the weekend so much that you want to taste it by having a Bloody Mary. But instead of a standard Bloody Mary, let's up our game with a tomato shrub. It sounds complicated, and it tastes complex, but it's a breeze to make. And it's just as amenable to a meal's worth of garnish as a regular Bloody Mary.

I was going to write a blog post about some of the science of fermentation and byproducts. But then I thought, it's Monday, and it's August! Almost everyone is on vacation, for example the whole country of France.

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Also Norway. All on vacation. So, let's talk about something light and save the science at least for a Tuesday,right? Maybe in September. A very little known fact about me is that for several years, a good half-decade at least I'd say, I wanted to be a clothing designer. This may be very surprising to a number of people, given I barely know how to dress myself.