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  1. Daughters of Fortune Series in Order - Lorraine Heath - FictionDB
  2. Mind the Gap’s Mia, Daughters of Fortune: don’t drop the baby
  3. Chinese traditions are no excuse for disinheriting daughters in British Columbia

These appear on a scrolling screen, positioned on or at the side of the stage.

Daughters of Fortune Series in Order - Lorraine Heath - FictionDB

Audio Described performances are designed to improve the experience of visually impaired and blind attendees. As well as listening to the dialogue on stage the customer can wear a headset and listen to a live description of the action on stage. A relaxed performance is a specially selected show from our programme, with slight adaptations to make it suitable for an audience of young people or adults with learning disabilities.

This may include extra lighting, additional wheelchair spaces and the freedom to move to alternative seating if required. Dementia friendly performances are for all audiences.

The theatre experience is enhanced for people living with dementia and their supporters, with adaptations to front of house service, the show and pre-show information packs. Additional dementia-aware staff, quiet spaces, clear signage and visual markers, sound and lighting adjustments and flexible seating options all help to create a supportive, shared experience.

Sing along with the cast in this exclusive performance.

Ihre Vorteile

Lyrics will be on screen, so you can join in as loud as you like. Open to all, fancy dress is optional but highly recommended. A Parent and Baby performance enables parents to attend the theatre with their baby under 12 months. We make small adaptations to the lighting and sound effects, including keeping the auditorium lights slightly raised. The seating is unallocated and there is a relaxed attitude to noise. Venue: Other Space Duration: 90 Share:.

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Mind the Gap’s Mia, Daughters of Fortune: don’t drop the baby

More Information on Daughters of Fortune: Anna Daughters of Fortune : Anna — Exploring Learning Disability and Parenthood Presented by Mind the Gap , Anna is an interactive Forum Theatre piece that explores scenarios that may be experienced by learning-disabled people when they consider being, or become, a parent in a fun and accessible way. Truly tragic.

  1. Sprachvergleich Türkisch - Deutsch: An den Beispielen des Artikelgebrauchs und der grundlegenden Satzstellung (German Edition);
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There is just so much thematically about this piece that does not warm your heart but makes it trickle with tears. The company are not in Edinburgh to show us what is worthy, they are here as professional actors — how does their piece stand up theatrically? This is one of the first times I have seen the issue of learning disability being used as an effective means of performing rather than something that ought to be over supported and hidden.

Chinese traditions are no excuse for disinheriting daughters in British Columbia

This cast nailed it because there was a clear feeling of connection and integration between the cast and their creative team. Highlights included the video being used as a baby, the game show, the explanation of the science of it all and the video and voiceover. But where it took my breath away was the dance sequence where all four shook themselves and had only one thing in common — they were enjoying themselves. The explanation of how many learning disabled people in England end up pregnant using the brilliant visual metaphor of the rubbish on the floor — inspired. I stood up at the end with many others to applaud.

The numbers in the audience were small though highly appreciative. Stuff chucking yer money in a bucket to patronise this worthy cause. Get your bum in their seat, buy a ticket and support it just the same with cash and your presence — you will not regret it.

Daughters of fortune (tara hyland)

Published August 14, by Donald Stewart.