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  2. Hef's Little Black Book - Hugh M. Hefner - Paperback
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  5. Hef's little black book / Hugh M. Hefner and Bill Zehme

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Hef's Little Black Book - Hugh M. Hefner - Paperback

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From the pursuit of Love to the politics of the Bedroom, from the inspiration of a single idea to the emergence of a sprawling international corporation built on self-belief, Hef provides an invaluable guide to anyone who has ever thought big. Accompanied by tantalizing, never-before-seen photographs, the gateway to Hugh Hefner's Dream World of Cool awaits you. If you don't swing, don't ring. One might think that a book containing Playboy mogul Hefner's sex tips, musings and memories would be racy, bawdy, or at the very least engrossing--but there's little that's particularly sexy or He learned then that he lived largely to be in love, to pine, or to yearn.

He learned that his heart felt best when aflutter.

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Of this time, a classmate buddy of his later remembered: "His interest in girls was intense. Hef was constantly falling in love, one girl at a time, and would be smitten for maybe a month or so.

If he wasn't in love, he felt incomplete and unhappy. This would never change. The boy was father to the man he would become.

And the man he would become loved women, one after another ad infinitum, with the wide-eyed exuberance of the boy in saddle shoes. As a man, he would be almost naive in love, giddy and intense -- one friend aptly nicknamed him High School Harry, this in his fifth decade -- and yet the ad infinitum would also make him aware in love.

He would repeatedly decla"My life has been a quest for a world where the words to the songs are true.

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Such romance had already been the foundation of his empire. Also, he would say, "For me, being in love is the very essence of being alive. While there would be sexual adventures beyond reckoning and well-nigh-innumerable bedmates, he always pursued primary relationships that filled him with fierce longing even while openly straying therein; he did, after all, have a reputation of epic proportions to uphold.

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  6. Hef's Little Black Book.
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  8. He had romanticized his first marriage to high school sweetheart Mildred Williams until he realized that the romance had faded, that he was not built for marriage after all: "It was a period of dreams lost, dreams set aside -- trying to follow a different road, a road not charted in my own terms. His magazine gave him license to play again, and his long-term playmates in the decades that followed -- his Special Ladies, as he would call them -- gave him reason to swoon head over slippers.

    He said in the autumn of , at age forty-two, "I'd rather meet a girl and fall in love, and have her fall in love with me, than earn another hundred million.

    Hef's Little Black Book

    In fact he had met that girl months earlier on the set of his syndicated television show Playboy After Dark. She was a petite eighteen-year-old coed who resembled the one he had loved first, the one who did not love him back. This girl, however, would love him back, famously so. Over the next eight years she would become the extra-special lady that people thought of most whenever they thought of Hef in love. I asked Barbi out the first night we met.

    Hef's little black book / Hugh M. Hefner and Bill Zehme

    Everything changes when you're in love. The food tastes better. The music is sweeter. Everything is a little more delicious because you're sharing it with somebody you care about.