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Okay, so he probably forget about the first wife. Peter who was also illiterate a real find as far as husband material goes eventually learns to read and finally starts to love his wife — from the second marriage. Sadly, all her children died in the fire, except for one, named Little Ann. Unaware of the danger surrounding her, Little Ann actually crept under the warming pan. Although it is quite a disturbing nursery rhyme, we somehow hope that Little Ann survives in the end. Ruby lips above the water, Blowing bubbles soft and fine, But alas, I was no swimmer, Neither was my Clementine.

In a churchyard near the canyon, Where the myrtle doth entwine, There grow rosies and some posies, Fertilized by Clementine.


Kimmy April 29th, at am Whoa, never figured that Nursery Rhymes were actually evil! And then I grew curious enough to search it in google. And you know what creeped me the most? I am eleven now. How can someone forget someone like that?

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I am a chicken. And now, I am a chicken to almost all the disturbing nursery rhymes. I will leave the other ones though, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, for instance. Kind of like Allelujah, Praise the Lord…. I noticed there was no image source for that one. Oxford University Press, pp. I soo want that book. Tell tale tit, Your tongue shall be slit: And all the dogs in town Shall have a little bit. I am 13 and never knew nursery rhymes were so creepy up untill i was 11 and we bought my younger cousin a strawberry shortcake doll that sung ring a ring a rosie and , we were talking about the accociation of it with the plague , from then on i knew that it was about death , i have allways tried to deocde nursery rhmes from then on but am not scraed of them as i know that they were all made a veeeeeryyy long time ago and that now the ones about women being treted badly women speak up about being abused.

Tema: 1. Tema: 2.

Skipping Rhymes For The New Age

Tema: 3. Brendon slid his plate over to the spaghetti dish and scooped himself a large helping of the pasta, some of the sauce splashing here and there as he did so, marking the table with what looked like blood splatter from a crime scene. His tongue unsuccessfully tried to lick it off his face, inadvertently smearing what appeared to be even more spaghetti sauce around his lips.

He looked like a clown and the sad thing was that Sheree knew that he enjoyed it. Both Mr. Hollins had already served themselves and started eating their dinner. It was silent except for the chewing mouths and clinking of milk and wine glasses being placed back on the table, so really it sounded more like feeding time at the pig farm minus the oinking.

Hollins responded. Hollins said too. Rolling her eyes and coming to the realization that her family was a bunch of pigs, Sheree reached over to the spaghetti platter and put a small pile onto her plate and began picking the mushrooms out with a fork.

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So much for your winning spaghetti sauce theory, Mother. As if Mrs.

How could she have just forgotten that Sheree hated mushrooms? She had hated them since being introduced to solid foods in her infancy. After having mentally worked through her little dilemma, she smiled and continued eating dinner, twirling another bite of spaghetti with her fork, topping it off with a huge, slimy whole mushroom. Once they were finished eating, Mr. Hollins got up, wiped his chin of any sauce that was still on his face, then went into the family room and turned on the television.

The same ritual he did every night. With the exception of Saturday night, that is. Thinking to herself what album she was going to listen to—another nightly ritual—Sheree got up and was about to go back to her room when her mother told her that she had kitchen duty first.

Brendon did it last night. But then the thought of six Brendons would pop into her mind and rid her of all wishes for more siblings. When she finished the five-minute task, she strolled over to the stairs. Sheree turned her head toward the basement door, then she looked back to the family room where her parents were; her dad staring blankly at the television as if he was under hypnosis, and her mom reading one of those magazines that only older women and gay men read.

Old houses always make noises for no reason, right? Getting a wicked look on her face, she went closer to the door She reached for the doorknob and turned it.

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The iron door hinges creaked with a shrilling sound, causing her dad to momentarily flinch but not enough to break him out of the trance that was holding him hostage to the television set. Or maybe it was the three glasses of red wine with dinner she swallowed down like a fish that altered her sensory reactions. Entering the basement, she searched for the light switch, looking furiously to locate it.

Deciding that the light from the hall was good enough, she took a precautious step down the stairway that led to the dark, unwelcoming, musty room below the house. Total darkness. Trying again with a little more force, thinking that it was just old and maybe rusted, hoping it would budge if she put a little strength into it. Still nothing. It was pitch black, not even a sliver of light from between the bottom of the door and the floor, as if it had been sealed.

Turning her head from side to side and carefully behind her in hopes that she would find a source of light somewhere, but not daring to move her feet for fear that she would stumble down the stairs. Break her neck. Or worse, become paralyzed. There was nothing but desolate blackness surrounding her. The air seemed to be getting heavy like she was going to pass out, so she banged her hands on the door over and over. Shielding her eyes with her arm, she looked down, and there on the ground, Sheree saw her little brother laughing hysterically, holding his stomach from the pain.

Although she felt like beating the crap out of him, she instead gave him a light kick to his side then stormed up the steps to her bedroom, hot tears starting to slide down her cheeks. How could he do that to me? Once again, she pushed the angst toward her brother aside, bottling it up. After she got into her room, she slammed the door shut and turned the stereo on, raising the volume loud enough for the whole house to hear clearly.

Deadly Rhymes

She decided to dig out her old headphones so she could listen to it as loud as she wanted. Placing the headphones on and letting out a loud breath, she drifted off into her own little world, escaping all of her problems. She was wrong. So twisted. So evil.