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This gene helps determine whether a dog produces brown or black pigments. Dogs with a bb result produce brown pigment instead of black in both their hair and skin, while dogs with a Bb or BB result produce black pigment. Dogs that have ee at the E Extension Locus and bb at this B Brown Locus are likely to have red or cream coats and brown noses, eye rims, and footpads, which is sometimes referred to as "Dudley Nose" in Labrador Retrievers. This gene helps determine whether a dog can produce dark black or brown hairs or lighter yellow or red hairs.

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Any result except for ee means that the dog can produce dark hairs. An ee result means that the dog does not produce dark hairs at all, and will have lighter yellow or red hairs over their entire body. A dog with an FF or FI result is likely to have furnishings. A dog with an II result will not have furnishings. We measure this result using a linkage test.

This gene affects how much a dog sheds. Dogs with furnishings or wire-haired coats tend to be low shedders regardless of their result for this gene. Dogs with a CC result will likely have a straight coat—unless the dog has a "Likely Furnished" result for the Furnishings trait, since this can also make the coat more curly. This gene can cause hairlessness over most of the body as well as changes in tooth shape and number.

The Sock Monkey and the Teddy Bears - eBook

This particular gene occurs in Peruvian Inca Orchid, Xoloitzcuintli Mexican Hairless , and Chinese Crested; other hairless breeds are due to different genes. Dogs with the NDup result are likely to be hairless while dogs with the NN result are likely to have a normal coat. The DupDup result has never been observed, suggesting that dogs with that genotype cannot survive to birth. This gene is responsible for Hairlessness in the American Hairless Terrier. Dogs with the ND result are likely to be hairless.

Snoot to Snoot: 3 Pugs Tail - Claudia Rhodes - كتب Google

Dogs with the NN result are likely to have a normal coat. Effects include severely reduced or absent pigment in the eyes, skin, and hair, and sometimes vision problems due to lack of eye pigment which helps direct and absorb ambient light and are prone to sunburn. Dogs with a ND result will not be affected, but can pass the mutation on to their offspring. This particular mutation can be traced back to a single white Doberman Pinscher born in , and it has only been observed in dogs descended from this individual.

This gene affects muzzle length. At least five different genes affect snout length in dogs, with BMP3 being the only one with a known causal mutation. For example, the muzzle length of some breeds, including the long-snouted Scottish Terrier or the short-snouted Japanese Chin, appear to be caused by other genes.

This means your dog may have a long or short snout due to other genetic factors. Embark is working to figure out what these might be. This is one of the genes that can cause a short bobtail. Most dogs have a CC result and a long tail. Dogs with a CG result are likely to have a bobtail, which is an unusually short or absent tail.

Dogs with GG genotypes have not been observed, suggesting that dogs with such a result do not survive to birth.

This suggests that other unknown genetic effects can also lead to a natural bobtail. Often humorous, sometimes lonely, sometimes frightfully low-tech in a high-tech world, Jakarta Journal is most of all purely spontaneous and totally honest—qualities which may help to set it apart from other books on the shelf. This book was written only a few months ago by an American traveling to Indonesia to deliver and install aircraft maintenance software for a large charter flying service.

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Media Economics: Theory and Practice (Routledge Communication Series)

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Email Address. Confirm Password. Looking at the list, there were a few things which surprised me. I would not have expected boxers to be number 6. I also would not have imagined that the Siberian Huskie was on the list at all! The author has provided a very extensive list of dog breeds. According to my count, there are over 90 different types on this list. For each one a lot of information and statistics are included. This includes details such as what color their fur typically is, how tall they are and how much they can weigh fully grown. This list made me wonder how many different types of dog breeds are there.

Actually, after a little research I was able to determine that there are somewhere in the range of dog breeds in the world.

Of course, I would imagine some of these are quite rare and not many people have actually seen other than scientists and those who study dogs. If we take at look at these numbers more closely, there are approximately breeds registered with the American Kennel Club and around registered with the Kennel club. I guess that this means there is a breed and type of dog that will appeal to everyone. Even just taking a quick glance at this list can be a great way to get some ideas about which types of dogs someone may interested in choosing as a pet. I never knew there was such a long list of dog breeds.

I tend to stick with my favorites. I have had a few purebred dogs and I have found that in general, they are just a pain in the butt. It's not that they are bad dogs or anything. It's simply that they have been so inbred that they come with a whole stack of health problems. In fact, one dog we had had such a horrible skin problem from inbreeding that when she reached adult age, no one even wanted to pet her.

He is as goofy as you would expect from a lab, but the mixture really created a bright dog too. The only odd thing about him and I don't think it has much to do with breeding is that he wants to play "mommy" to every other small animal. Our chickens get a workout just running from him. I'm sure it's the lab part of him that wants to catch them, but he doesn't want to bring them to us for dinner or anything.

50 best Boop the Snoot images on Pinterest

He just wants to carry them like he does his stuffed animals and the poor kittens that he constantly mothers. At least he has the gentle bite of a lab, but the security of a german shepard and the physical resilience of a mutt in general. I found the list which the author provided in this article of various dog breeds to be very fascinating. In fact, it led me to go and do some more research about dogs. Some of the international societies have determined that there around different breeds of dogs. It also occurred to me that people have likely been trying to breed dogs and create different combinations for centuries, maybe even thousands of years.

I also would imagine that even many of the most popular breeds of today were originally created in this manner. The more I thought about this, the more I wondered about the so called designer breeds of dogs. Probably not everyone has heard about these recent ideas, but now there are scientists and other who are attempting to create different varieties of dogs. If you have ever heard of puggle, this is an example of such a designer breed.

In this case it is the offspring of a beagle and a pug. This sounds kind of crazy to me, as do the labradoodle a mixture of a labrador and a poodle and the cockapoo the combination of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. About The Author: Kimberly Alt. I understand leaving out the Smooth Collie, but why two separate entries for Border Collie — one including a link?