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Lakeside Lab manages a buoy in West Lake Okoboji that has an array of sensors monitoring things happening both below and above the water surface. Every ten minutes, the buoy is reporting things like precipitation, wind speed, water surface temperature, water temperatures at two meter increments to the lake bed, carbon dioxide levels, dissolved oxygen levels, and other readings.

These values are stored in a database, reported live to the web, and available through a mobile app. The Buoy Music project I created uses this data to develop musical compositions that reflect that status and changing conditions of the lake. Essentially what the project does is use data from five sensors to control five virtual musical instruments. Each instrument is associate with a specific sensor and the value from that sensor at a given time is what produces the sound. Think of it as if you had a piano. Or if the pH level were 8.

In this artwork boredomresearch present a murky underwater world populated by glowing craft navigating the hazards of plastic waste. The SciArt collaboration ponders the nexus of biology, robotics, and environmental impact by confronting the emergence of synthetic emotions in challenging environmental circumstances; these craft are learning to recognize and express hopelessness. This expression of emotional robotics inquires on the relationship between organism and its environment in a context of increased dependence on advanced technological solutions.

It's a sad irony that carbon monoxide's sister molecule, carbon dioxide, is threatening our entire planet. Low voltage electricity precipitates minerals to fortify the sculpture to become an evolving, life supporting habitat for homeless corals and biodiversity in a region devastated by hurricanes, pollution, tourism, and climate change.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Steel, electricity, mineral deposits, ocean, webcam. Photo by Colleen Flanigan. Date: October, GoPro. Steel, electricity, corals, ocean, marine life. A screenshot from the livestreaming webcam. Date: June 21, Watch the livestream of "Zoecam" here :. When a catastrophic earthquake occurred off the coast of San Francisco on April 18, , most of San Francisco was destroyed and the shaking was felt for hundreds of miles.

The effects of the earthquake were captured in photos and print journalism but a visceral sense of the movement is lost in time. This piece re-creates the earthquake's physical motion in a six minute water vibrafication of the earthquake data, corresponding to the real-time shaking. The often-violent intensity of water disturbances correspond to the strength of ground vibrations as reconstructed by a U.

Geological Survey analysis. The rising and falling of the intensity over time, seen, heard, and felt give a sense of the unknowingness experienced by San Francisco inhabitants as the shaking would subside, only to resume with great ferocity.

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Wood, acrylic, water, vibration transducers, custom electronics, custom software. My work centers on the topic of water: as a subject, a material, and an idea. From sculptures that hold water to installations that rest on the surface of water, I strive for the ephemeral and perceptually mysterious. In an ongoing series of environmental installations, I have placed water-filled glass tanks in various contexts: for instance, on a river where the tanks appear to be floating on the surface, or under a skylight in a long narrow room.

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Part ritual, part experiment, part conceptual and aesthetic art action, the installations absorb and reconfigure both the surrounding imagery and the structure of the sculpture itself, creating visual phenomena that extend beyond the parameters of water and glass. It is poetry. A field of water-filled glass tanks, both a sculpture and a living painting, slowly yet constantly changes, speaking to impermanence. Over time, things may form in these tanks such as bubbles, condensation droplets, or water from rain on the surface.

In some works, capillary action pulls rain with its impurities over the edge and into the tank, with each tank becoming a separate ecosystem. Each tank is reflected in and refracted by its neighboring tanks, creating a kaleidoscopic visual field, while also drawing in the surrounding architecture and landscape. A spare repetitive pattern - but nothing really repeats in repetition; each unit is unique. Introducing water into a field of glass structures amplifies our perception of the geometric field itself as well as the environment in which it sits.

If systems thinking is described as the relationship of separate components to a complex structure, across disciplines, the sculptures specific combination of materials may be a window into a larger organizational code of patterns. How is the whole affected by its constituent parts? In this context, the course of my practice is an inquiry that looks at water for an organic pathway toward a broader yet more refined meaning. Glass, water, and aluminum.

Glass, water, aluminum and hardware.

Detail: "Twenty-five Cuboid Stack" Those of us who are scientifically aware know that we are unraveling the webs of life that support us; in my current "Ocean Series" I cannot help but reflect this knowledge, but I hope also to inspire awe, wonder, and joy at the complex and beautiful world in which we live. We depend upon our explorers to bring us visual footage and scientific knowledge about the oceans.

It is important to support this research and this visual recording; we will not save what we do not love. I have spent hours staring at the videos now becoming available. Each of the paintings submitted has relied on such research and several are additionally inspired by poetry. Oil on canvas. It also displays the depth at which water was found for each well at a meter scale revealing a slice-view of the aquifer.

Artist Statement Thousands of points form recognizable territories thereby connecting the viewer to familiar places. As regions pass across the screen, each dot transforms into a single unearthing of water. While most residents rely on municipal water sources as evidenced by a lack of data points near larger cities , a subset depend on groundwater wells. When wells are depicted as a perforated sheet transitioning over a watercolor canvas, the extent and scope of our groundwater use is revealed.

The display is partitioned into two sections. The upper section displays the position of wells in decimal degrees, while the lower section displays meters of depth as each well intersects the middle boundary. Wells deeper than meters are displayed, but continue off the screen. Municipal locations of interest were geocoded and added as spatial reference points. The algorithm displaying the data uses MySQL to query the well and city databases. The program is rendered in HTML5 canvas. The colors and texture were created using watercolor and specialized paper. Radiolarians and Diatoms is one of a series of pen and ink drawings drawn under magnification using a loop or hand lens.

It depicts hundreds of diatoms and radiolarians arranged to form rock strata. When the organisms die and and settle out of the water column, some are preserved and later found as fossils.

One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent. The thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary. Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning. Floods have submerged parts of the island , killing 29 people.

She felt her individuality was being submerged by family life.

submerged (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

This is the British English definition of submerge. View American English definition of submerge. Change your default dictionary to American English. They're not collected in order, so you may find a piece of the story from the beginning, another from the end, a few from the middle, and the longer you play the more you'll piece together until the story becomes more clear.

Submerged 2005 Movie - Steven Seagal

Putting together the city's story is optional, similar to hunting for collectibles in other games, like GTA 5's hidden packages or Far Cry 4's Mani Wheels, only you uncover a history of the location in addition to the feeling of having completed a task. You can also collect pictographs of landmarks and the local fauna as you encounter them. The story of Miku and Taku, how Taku was injured, and how they came to this ruined city is also told with pictographs, but it's told from beginning to end instead of in a patchwork.

While you can climb buildings in whatever order you want, the first piece of Miku and Taku's story will be revealed with the first supply chest you find, regardless of its actual location. In that respect, the siblings' story is a linearly told story in an open world.

Submerged tells three different stories without saying a word

You also receive a series of four pictographs at a time, almost like a comic strip—and not a very happy one—that reveals their history. Not only are these interesting ways to tell stories, they require a little more work than, say, a journal entry or an audio diary or a cutscene flashback.

There's nothing wrong with those storytelling devices when they're done well—I enjoyed Bioshock's audio diaries, for example—but figuring out what Submerged is trying to tell you can take some examination and thought in ways that listening to someone tell you a story often doesn't require. It's similar to environmental storytelling, where you're simply examining the world and putting together a narrative for yourself, and feeling that satisfying mental click when another piece falls into place.