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One of those newcomers was Stephen King. Terence, there certainly was a red version of the cover for The Ghoul Keepers. I'll email you a scan. Hi, John and Chap, Thanks for writing and thanks, Chap, for the image. You're both waiting for a renaissance of traditional horror stories.

What do you mean exactly?

witchery a duo of weird tales Manual

What are the characteristics of the traditional horror story? When did they come to an end? How do newer horror stories differ? Who are the exemplars among traditional horror stories or writers? How might a renaissance come about? I ask these questions not only to start a discussion but also because I'm interested in publishing my own story magazine. You or anyone else can leave comments here or email me at: info hoosiercartoonists.

Weird Fiction Arthur Machen, 'The Great God Pan'

Will be happy to oblige in the way of an off-line reply as time permits. As a former horror fiction 'zine editor and publisher ex. If only your questions were easily answered! The several bold attempts over the years to bring WT back to life have produced ample evidence that a broadly based, commercial success is elusive.

Indeed, the quest for it is as challenging as any that could be presented in fantasy fiction itself. I've already given some pointers to my own thoughts on the subject in a comment to your post here with the title "Robert A. Lowndes Part 2" July 4. Keith Chapman. Editor and publisher Leo Margulies acquired the Weird Tales property in the s after the original run of the magazine had come to an end. Rather than sit on it and guard it like the fabled dog in the manger, Margulies wanted to do something with his new title and the stories that went with it.

Weird Tales – Amazing Stories

Sam Moskowitz, an associate of Margulies, was in a position to advise him. Guidelines Books by David Longhorn. Friday, 3 May Tellers of Weird Tales. Now here is an excellent blog , dedicated to the writers and artists whose work appeared in Weird Tales during its classic years and after. I've already learned a lot from it, and enjoyed just rambling around finding out stuff, being reminded of things I'd forgotten I'd read, and so on. And there are pictures, too! Posted by valdemar at Email This BlogThis! The approach in every case was similar: you studied the target publication, figured out what was wanted by its readers, and usually began by presenting the editor with a synopsis.

If the editor was sometimes yourself, approval to proceed would have to be sought, of course, from your superior — say, the managing or group editor. More recently, I've had the odd genre piece published that isn't a western, but I'm careful not to use the Chap O'Keefe pen-name, which is clearly associated with westerns. I don't want to mislead, upset or disappoint any O'Keefe reader. More importantly perhaps, and sad to report, I understand many readers of other genres would not want to try a book from a writer seen to specialize in a genre somewhat disparaged of late.

As a reader, I particularly like crime and mystery fiction, but I don't feel as a writer that a I could confidently tackle a contemporary crime novel, or b that I would want to. My crime reading favourites date from the s to the s, roughly speaking. Perhaps one day I will try to pen a period crime novel, although in a sense I've already done that with my westerns, particularly the Joshua Dillard series.

Sons and Gunslicks, Blast to Oblivion and Faith and a Fast Gun , to name three, are all thinly disguised hardboiled private-eye novels set in the Old West. When US anthologist Marvin Kaye obtained the rights to the magazine Weird Tales in August , I thought I would love to write for a proper revival of that famous publication. Kaye accepted two stories from me, making very appreciative remarks about them, but some time later he changed his mind.

50 Must-Read Fantasy Books For Kids

Such is today's market for fiction I was left with no option but to publish them myself as an e-book, Witchery: A Duo of Weird Tales. I included an introduction, possibly as interesting as the stories themselves, explaining how the short book came about. So the work on my weird tales in the vein of such sword-and-sorcery luminaries as Clark Ashton Smith and Fritz Leiber was not a total loss — and the e-book was reviewed appreciatively — but it was hardly a worthwhile commercial success.

I'm disinclined to repeat the exercise.

Introduction: Who I am and what this series will cover

The series characters Joshua Dillard and Misfit Lil come most readily to mind, simply because I've spent more time with them than my other characters. Joshua is probably the easier to accommodate in new stories. Lil is the more endearing but would need to grow up into a different character to avoid further stories becoming repetitive. And I think an older character who carried on behaving like a young rascal would probably soon stop being endearing.

A mature, responsible Lil? I've given this dilemma some thought and reached no convincing conclusions. Thank you, Keith, for your comprehensive answers.. Let's continue this tomorrow! Posted by Nik Morton at Monday, February 03, No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Floreskand: King. Floreskand: Madurava.

More Audiobooks By Hans Christian Andersen

Mission: Prague. Mission: Tehran. Mission: Khyber. Chill of the Shadow. The Bread of Tears. Coffin for Cash. An Evil Trade. Continuity Girl. Gifts from a Dead Race.

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